I have had a camera in my hand ever since I was a little kid. But my love for photography really grew when I took a photography course during my junior year of high school. It grew even more when I got to college and began to combine photography with my various outdoor activity pursuits.

Though my primary professional pursuits have been in the business world (I currently serve as the C.E.O. of the Bend Soap Company) I love to be active and I love to be outdoors! I also love to share the joy of outdoor life with others. Over the years I’ve serve as a back pack guide, white water river guide, and a ski instructor in addition to a host of other personal outdoor hobbies and pursuits. Having a camera handy for those adventures has allowed me to capture a host of photographs to capture those amazing experiences.

I’m now a husband and father of three little boys and I wanted to live somewhere that provided easy access to a wide range of outdoor activities. So we moved from Seattle to Bend Oregon in 2017.

People travel from all over the world to come see the beauty and majesty that I am blessed to experience every day. I try to make the most of life by enjoying lots of adventures. I like to use my camera to capture those moments to share with others. My hope is that my images would inspire others to remember...


  • Live big! Never settle.

  • Adventure often! Don’t take life for granted.

  • Inspire aspiration! Encourage others in their journey.