A celebration of life ontop of Mt. Pilchuck

During a recent hike up to the fire lookout atop Mt. Pilchuck I had the opportunity to hear some of the life story of one of my friends, Peter Vanderwerff. He shared that the very weekend we were out hiking was the 10 year anniversary for when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He shared about M.S., the common symptoms, and how it has impacted him.

As he shared, I was moved by the clear evidence that he had not let M.S. discourage him but instead had used M.S. to stir up courage and determination to living life to the fullest. He has become a student of healthy eating and exercise to do all he can to mitigate the impact it is having/will have on him.

Living with multiple sclerosis over the past 10 years I’ve faced many physical challenges of varying degrees. This year however has been marked not by the disease I live with but how healthy and vibrant I have been all year. It seems fitting that on the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis I hiked to the top of Mount Pilchuck! Jesus is been so gracious with me during this season of my life and I’m extremely grateful!
— Peter Vanderwerff

Peter is what I would refer to as an every day hero! He is faced with a significant challenge but he faces it with courage and determination!

Below are some photos of Peter and his son from our hike.

The following pictures are of other friends and scenes from the hike.

Do you know someone who is bravely facing M.S.? I would love to hear your comments and stories about other every day heroes!