Camping at Kalaloch

The start of this year was a pretty hard push for me and our family. We knew the dust would settle in June so I scheduled a couple camping trips for the family to get away together and go enjoy some adventures. During the first of those camping trips we learned Denver, our youngest, was not quite ready for camping yet. So the second trip turned into a father son outing for me and my oldest.

We loaded up the car and headed for Kalaloch campground on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula. It's surrounded by great beaches and rain forest which gave us tons of fun things to explore during our trip.

Over the course of a few days we enjoyed time in the Hoh Rain forest, exploring Ruby Beach, and checking out cascading water falls along the Sol Duc river. Tromping around in those areas has to be nearly as magical as entering Narnia for a little boy. Heck, it was almost that magical for me!