Deception Pass

This past week, I had the pleasure and pain of taking my family camping at Deception Pass. It was slated to be a three day get away to hike, explore, and get into any number of little adventures. However, our 18 month old had other plans. It seems he wasn't quite so keen on the idea of camping. So our proposed three day get away was truncated into more of a 17 - 20 hour get away.

Despite the lack of sleep that first night and all of the mini crisis that our son seemed to think he was having, it provided a fun opportunity to grab a few photos of the Puget Sound as well as of my boys.

One of my favorite shots was a rather subdued scene of an island not too far off the coastline from where we were camping.

Of course, I had to snag a few photos of my boys while they were exploring the place. My oldest finally learned why we tell him not to climb on the drift wood if it's been stacked up by people. A pile gave way and one log smacked him square in the noggin. He got a pretty good goose egg from that.

And don't be fooled by the first image below of my youngest boy where he appears so happy. Those moments were fleeting! The overarching sentiment was best captured by the last photo in the block below.

The campground lets out onto a beach that sits just west of the Deception Pass Bridge. The Puget Sound moves in and out the little pass below the bridge creating some really cool swells and tidal flows.

The last photo was shot looking west towards the sunset. I had wanted to get some images of the Olympic Mountain Range, to the South West but the cloud cover was too think. That just means I'll need to return sometime and try again!