Story behind the image: Sunset in Fairbanks

I’ve written previously about how photography is a powerful medium for me because it helps stir my memory (which is not the best to say the least). The image shown below is a photograph that stirs up tons of great memories for me.

This image was taken in Fairbanks Alaska. At the time, I was dating a gal I had met in Dallas. Through various circumstances of our own, we had both come to live in Alaska over the summer, only about 30 minutes apart. It was through tons of summer adventures, exploring all around Alaska that we had the opportunity to see our friendship blossom and experience the joy of having our hearts begin to be knit together.

All summer we had played it cool. No talks of marriage or what was to come after the summer ended. But on that particular night our summer in Alaska was drawing to a close. I had taken a job on the North Slope and she was going to be headed back to Dallas. So we took a long walk along a river in Fairbanks and I shared with her my desire to pursue her and my hope that pursuit would lead towards marriage.

As we walked back to the car, hand in hand, we were blessed with an awe inspiring sunset. She soaked it in while I got trigger happy and shot a ton of photos. This one really stood out and has since been my favorite image from that evening hike.

It pretty much came straight out of the camera like this. The sky was absolutely vibrant that night. And the camera was proof it wasn’t just me seeing the world through rose colored glasses as I was floating on cloud 9 being hand in hand with my girl.