Story behind the image: The Alaskan Canadian Highway

In the spring of 2006 I packed my Honda Civic to the brim, picked up my good buddy Carder, and we left Dallas Texas for Fairbanks Alaska. I has planning a move out to Seattle but the company I was intending to work for was not hiring at the time so I jumped on an invitation to go spend some time in Alaska. Carder was just along for the ride as someone who was always ready for adventure.

Though the entire drive was full of beauty, the stretch from Seattle Washington to Fairbanks Alaska via the Alaskan Canadian Highway was especially beautiful and memorable. We did that stretch in about 3 days, taking time to stop and enjoy some of the sites and experiences along the way.

A bear cub up in a tree along the Alcan.

The Liard Hot Springs.

Carder tromping through the Watson Lake Sign Forest.

I would HIGHLY encourage anyone and everyone to make that dive at some point in their life. It is truly awe inspiring. I would also recommend that you make the trip in early spring when the snow is just starting to thaw along the highways. When the forests and mountains are covered in snow and foliage begins to blossom along the roadways it’s like a dinner bell for all the animals. We saw bear, wolves, elk, moose, buffalo, porcupine, and all sorts of animals along the road. Not to mention the amazing views of the mountains and general beauty of the wilderness.

One of my favorite shots on that drive was this image shown below of the Alcan stretching out before us and disappearing into the mountains beneath the billowing clouds. As an image it stands alone as something that I find really beautiful. But as a memory it is especially powerful as it reminds me of the journey I took and the great rewards I was blessed with when I chose to take the risk of walking away from what was known and comfortable to experience new adventures.
Have you had a time when you chose the path less traveled to experience new adventures? I would love to hear about it.