Where it all began. Part 5.

Determine your target audience.

Read any sort of “entrepreneurs for dummies” type of guide and it will say somewhere early in the text that if you want to launch a successful business you need to “determine your target audience.” This question seems so simple however it can be surprisingly challenging. Hand in hand with that question is the challenge of determine what your brand will be known for.

When I was wrestling with whether I wanted to “turn pro” I had to ask myself who my target audience would be and what my photography would be known for. There are so many aspects of photography that I enjoy and that have impacted me. When I first wrestled with those questions I felt like they were unfairly limiting. But over time I began to understand with increasing clarity why defining my brand and my target audience was so important.

I recall a particular blog from Jeremy Cowart, a photographer who has had a big impact one me. Even though his bread and butter was portrait photography, he shared that what distinguished him was his ability “to really connect with my subjects.” He was commissioned by St. Thomas Hospital to do a campaign that was themed “Nothing Shall Be Impossible.” Obviously the medical field was not his area of focus. But, his brand, his known skill of connecting with people, was was the thing that moved St. Thomas Hospital to seek him out.

You may be wondering at this point, “what will you (Travis Tuttle Photography) be known for?” That’s a great question and something I have wrestled with a great deal with.

I want to be known for developing photographs that inspires awe by displaying the beauty and wonder of this earth and the uniqueness and majesty of the people God has created. My hope is to create powerful images that would inspire people to live life to the fullest. Who's my target audience? The people who get that! :)