Fall at the UW Botanic Gardens

This past fall I had the privilege of shooting family portraits for some dear friends of mine. We met up at the UW Botanic Gardens and turned the kids loose to explore while we followed about and snapped photos of them coming and going through the trails and gardens. We had the joy of capturing a number of great shots of their kids that day.

The last photo was actually of my son and their daughter. He had come with me to help out and as he was walking along the trail he sweetly put out his hand to escort her along the way. It was such a sweet, innocent display of friendship. It's precious moments like that, or like the first photo above where the brother and sister were paused on the trail taking it all in, that make for such special memories.

Do you want to capture a special moment of your children or with your loved one? I would love to help. You can contact me to set up a time for a family photo shoot during one of your own family adventures by filling out the contact form HERE.

In the mean time, enjoy life to the fullest! Live big!