Story behind the image: Love at Stevens Pass

If you’ve seen my website or know much about my photographic interests then you probably know that I love to get out into nature to capture the beauty of it and the joy people have while experiencing it. So when my friends Tyler and Hillary said they wanted engagement photos of them living it up at Stevens Pass ski resort, I was in! We met up there as the lifts were getting going and headed up the mountain to get shots of them up on the mountain. Here is one of my favorite photos from that shoot.

The story behind the next image is that when we arrived it seemed pretty calm with just a little snow coming down. There is a ridge line on the top of the mountain that I had envisioned shooting. It would have made a great and dramatic backdrop for their engagement photo. I had a pack with lighting and a a few other camera gadgets. But when we got to the ridge line the wind picked up and became nearly intolerable. Snow was blasting us and we had to ditch the shot I had so badly wanted to capture. You couldn’t see the ridge line in the wind and snow. Much less get the camera out to try to take a photo.

Instead of giving up, we ducked into a thick patch of trees just out of bounds. We found that the trees provided some good cover and because it was out of bounds the snow was un-tracked and really ideal for a photo. While I was getting out my camera gear, they began having snow ball fights and talking each other in the snow. I let them think I was still getting ready and snagged a number of fun shots of them before finally getting their attention for the following shot.

Here’s one of them goofing around while I was getting “set up and ready.”

Since they also wanted some shots where they weren’t all covered up in ski gear, we arranged an evening to do a shoot down at Edmonds Marina Beach Park. We were blessed with a great sunset and walked away with the following photos.

If you or someone you knows wants to get photos while you’re out living life to the fullest, tacking some adventure, you can contact me HERE.