Evergreen Mountain Lookout

Since I’m always behind the camera snapping photos, I have very few photos of myself. I lucked into this image when I was attempting to snap a picture of my son while he was sleeping in the backpack I was carrying on our hike down from Evergreen Mountain Lookout. I also lucked out and managed to get my wife, our other son, and a dear friend in the background of the photo which serves as a fun reminder for me about the adventure we shared together that day.

It reminds me of the wonderful day hikes we would take when he was small. He would hike for part of the trip then would crawl in the backpack to ride. We would have great little talks while he was being hauled down the trail. And inevitably he would fall asleep. Those are precious memories I have with my son. He’s finally gotten too big for the backpack so it will be interesting to see what our hikes look like this summer.

On our way down from Evergreen Mountain Lookout we saw some beautiful views as the light beamed though the passing clouds. I snagged this photo in a brief pause.

If you're near Seattle and want a relatively short hike that yields some beautiful views, then I would encourage you to check out the Evergreen Mountain Lookout.