Story behind the image: Boy with umbrella.

Back in 2013 my wife and I took Gideon, our 1.5 year old son, and my mother up to Victoria for a little vacation. For folks from Seattle, it’s the ideal little get-a-way. We jumped on the Victoria Clipper and were escorted to the port of Victoria. When we disembarked from the ship, we were in walking distance from a great little hotel and tons of fun spots to visit and explore.

One of the fun adventures we got to enjoy was a walk through the Beacon Hill Park and Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. I enjoyed capturing a number of photos of my mother and wife enjoying little adventures with our son Gideon.

The most memorable photos from our trip weren’t necessarily the most amazing photographs technically speaking. But, the photos stood out because of what they captured. Our son getting owned by a goat in the Children’s Farm. 


Every time we see those photos we laugh! Our poor son getting flat owned by the baby goat was too funny.

As much fun as the Children’s Farm was, and as much as we laugh at those photos and the memories it stirs for us, the highlight of our trip to Victoria was our drive out to the world renowned Butchart Gardens.

The gardens are absolutely beautiful. Though there are hundreds and even thousands of people who visit every day, we were blessed to find a moment in our tour through the gardens where the crowds dissipated and we found my son set in a scene that was ideal for a photograph.

I loved this image. It captures the beauty of the gardens and a great snapshot in time of our little boy.

I love how little Gideon was holding the umbrella. I love how he is taking in the whole scene. He was a really content and attentive/observant little boy. This image managed to capture that. It turned this simple scene into a great and powerful reminder of our fun adventure and who our special little boy was in that season of life.