Story behind the image: Stomping down the beach

If you’ve read the last few blogs, you’re probably picking up that I enjoy capturing the adventures of life as people experience them. Today’s photos were of a simple outing to Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula.

My wife and son were enjoying a walk along the beach. I hung back a little so I could frame up this shot. I had taken a few frames when they came to this puddle of water spread across the beach. Knowing my son as I do, I was pretty certain that he would either jump or stomp in the puddle to make a big splash. So I was poised and ready! Sure enough, he stomped right through the puddle, step after step!

The pictures of them walking turned out well but this image had much greater impact. It did a much better job capturing the energy of my little boy and the way he lives life with enthusiasm. I was so excited to snag this frame and to walk away with such a great photo to remember that fun outing.