Calme Family Portraits

"A family who mountain bikes together, stays together!" I'm not sure if that's a real quote. But it should be! 

John, Virginie and their two sons met me up at Mount Bachelor for a fun afternoon of mountain biking and photography! Virginie teaches at the Gravity School mountain bike program hosted at Mount Bachelor. John is an avid biker and their sons are already quite impressive even at their young ages. They were a blast to shoot with! And we walked away with some fun photos! 

Rally Crossfit Photo Shoot

I recently got to do a  photo shoot with the coaches at Rally Crossfit. I showed up for the 5:30pm work out (which - for all you Crossfitters was Grace and I was pleased to do it RX in 3:28). After the class was over I brought in my photo gear and we got to work coming up with fun shots of the team. We got a fun mix of action shots, portraits, and team photos. They're a great team. And as tough as they look in some of the photos - don't bee fooled! They are some of the most friendly and gracious folks you'll ever meet. If you're around Bend and looking for a good group to connect with to get in shape, you should give Rally Crossfit a try! 

We are now in Central Oregon!!!

I must confess…my camera has been a little lonely the past 6 months. Why? 

When my wife and I moved to Seattle in 2008, we LOVED IT! Candidly, we still do. But, when we started having kids in 2012, we realized that while it was a great city for us (Kami and I), it was not necessarily where we wanted to raise a family. So we started prayerful considering where we wanted to raise our kids. Bend Oregon was a town that continually rose to the top of our wish list.

In August of 2016 I drove down to Bend to do some networking and see what job opportunities I could find. I drove into Bend knowing only 2 people in town. In the three days I was there I was able to meet with a dozen business men and women. They all were gracious to make connections to other folks which gave me a great network of people to work with in my effort to explore possible job opportunities. 

One of the business men I was connected with was Dwight Johnson, the founder and owner of the Bend Soap Company. He was gracious to meet with me with the aim of introducing me to other contacts who may have relevant career opportunities I could pursue. One week after we met, he called me and asked if I would consider going to work with him. 

I spent the next three moths doing a S.W.O.T. analysis for Dwight and his company in an effort to evaluate if it was an opportunity that would be a good fit for all of us. I shared my analysis with Dwight and Marilee in September of 2016. They responded by contracting me to oversee all their marketing efforts remotely from Seattle through the rest of the year. 

Those months afforded us the time to confirm that we had a great working dynamic! As a result, Dwight and Marilee extended an offer for me in January of 2017 to become the C.O.O. of the Bend Soap Company. I accepted with NO HESITATION! I was thrilled. It was an ideal fit and a great opportunity! By the end of March, I had found a home and relocated my family to Bend Oregon! 

Part of the motivation for moving to Bend was having better access to all of the outdoor activities we love to do as a family. Instead of driving 2 hours to go skiing, I now drive 30 minutes to arrive at the base of the ski slopes.

In the summer I can wrap up work around 5pm and take my boys to a BMX track or to hiking just 20 minutes from home and be back in time for dinner! 

Since moving to Bend, I’ve had my hands FULL getting our house settled and keeping on top of all the great things going on at Bend Soap Company! That has NOT left much time to pick up my camera to go snag adventure photos of the great activities that are happening all around us all the time. 

Though I've been busy and not had much time to focus on my photography, I have pulled out my camera here and there.  I got lots of fun shots of the Johnson family camp weekend.

I’ve managed to grab photos at Rally Crossfit when I’m there trying to get back to a healthy version of me. And I've snagged photos of other adventures here and there when I've been able. 

Though I've had a few fun photo opportunities, I’ve hardly had time to pick up my camera since we moved to Bend. While that grieves me a little, I have to admit that I have LOVED all the great things taking place at Bend Soap Company (my day job). While I look forward to having more time to enjoy the great adventures that Central Oregon has to offer and capturing compelling images from those adventures - I am ok if they those experiences and images are added on slowly and surely over the months to come. 

When we moved here, I did not need a break from photography. But I and my family did need a break from being overcommitted in general. Our first 6 months here have been terrific and have offered lots of rest from the various commitments we had in Seattle that were keeping us in a nearly constant state of exhaustion. 

Now that we’re catching our breath and getting our legs back under us, I’m getting really excited to discover what fun adventures are available to us! I can’t wait to start booking out fun adventures to capture compelling images of people living life to the fullest in Central Oregon!