With my amazing wife, and 3 wonderful boys by my side, and I moved to Bend, Oregon in 2017 so that I could step into the C.O.O. role at Bend Soap Company. I had the opportunity to build upon the great foundation established in their first five years of business by improving systems and processes, and training up a terrific team which in turn helped us quadruple the sales and revenue in two years. 

It was a great run, and a great opportunity for me to begin to establish myself here in Bend. But I felt it was time to resign and move onto the next opportunity. 

If you’re looking for a resume, you can download it below. However, since resumes can be a bit dry and tend to be full of buzz words and cliche’s, I wanted to provide something with more substance and personality. I hope you’ll find the information helpful, insightful, and perhaps even inspiring.

If you’re someone who’s growing a fruitful business and is looking to bring on a proven and passionate leader with extensive experience developing flourishing teams and organizations please contact me so we can connect and explore possibilities.

Here on this website, you’ll find examples of my work and experiences including…

  • Several stories about how I’ve had the opportunity to richly and profoundly influence individuals as well as the entire culture of various organizations I’ve been a part of.

  • Case studies of projects I’ve led that have driven great value for businesses I’ve worked with.

  • I’ve also shared the results of several personality profiles to give you a thorough insight into what drives me and how I operate.

I hope this will help you get a better grasp of who I am and the value I can bring to an organization. If what you see grabs your interest, let’s connect!

If you don’t see the things you’re looking for, then I consider it a win; providing you with this information now will have saved you time and also prevent you from setting up an unnecessary phone screening or first interview. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask; even if I’m not who you might be looking for, please consider anyone you know who may benefit from an individual with my particular skills and experiences. If someone comes to mind, I would be much obliged if you would pass along my information to them!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and “get to know me” a little. I hope I can have the opportunity to meet you and get to know you as well!


Travis Tuttle